We believe in providing a complete package when it comes to marketing your brand. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult with our creative graphic design team to help you establish the strong presence you wish to have in the market. The following are the list of services we can support you with:

logo designLogo DesignThe logo design of your brand is crucial for your business and its identity. You need to leave your mark on the customers by having a consistent brand message. The logo of a brand says a lot about your business. Thus, the design must match the quality and standards you are offering to your customers. The creative graphic design team at C&C DISCOVERY creates innovative and professional designs in line with the client's needs and matching the brand identity. The colour scheme adopted by the logo will then be reflected in every other design, thus the team makes sure that the right colours are selected.

online adsOnline CampaignsWhen it comes to creating online marketing and advertising campaigns, the team at C&C DISCOVERY can assist you in producing eye-catching campaigns following your business objectives. We make sure that every campaign portrays the proper tone of voice and provides clients with the right feel of your business. From social media ads like Facebook and Instagram to Google ads and banners, the professional graphic design team makes sure that all the right tools are being used in order for your business to benefit from.

flyersAdverts & Flyers When producing adverts and flyers, the team at C&C DISCOVERY makes sure to create innovative and professional looking designs matching your corporate identity guidelines. Design concepts are either created from scratch or adopted from the client's previous works. The team is capable of creating fresh and original adverts to be previewed on online advertising platforms, newspapers, magazines, television, billboards, and roll-up banners amongst others. If need be, all adverts and flyers can be made downloadable from the client's website or social media pages.

business cardsBusiness CardsWhen it comes to creating business cards, one has to keep in mind the tone of voice and the feel your brand wants to pass on to the clients. The team at C&C DISCOVERY makes sure that all the elements are covered when it comes to creating business cards such as; card orientation, size, weight, feel, texture, and paper colour. It is of utmost importance for C&C DISCOVERY to produce business cards that get the right message across to the client's customers and strongly portray the brand identity. The idea behind every business card design concept is to give your customers a tasting of the business and make it easier for them to remember you.

stationeryOffice StationeryGetting your office stationery personlised with your brand logo makes your company look all the more professional and gives you material to hand out at meetings and conferences to be remembered by. The team at C&C DISCOVERY can assist in personalising items such as; pens, pencils, enevelopes, letter heads, booklets, pen-drives, T-shirts, caps and more. With every task that we are presented with, the team always make sure that the brand identity is depicted through and through.


With the vast amount of messages flooding our customers' social media platforms and preferred websites, mainly in the form of images, the team at C&C DISCOVERY strongly recommends the frequent use of animations more than anything else. Through animations, one can arouse further interest in the products or services that your business is offering to your customers, besides coming across as innovative and all the more professional. The team ensures that all the animations created for your business follow a hollistic approach with the rest of your campaigns.