We strongly believe in providing a complete package when it comes to portraying your message to your customers. Thus, the team at C&C DISCOVERY provides personilsed web design and web development services to help you further with your brand or business online presence. Whether you wish to revamp your existing website or are looking at designing and developing a presence online, we are here to help. Keeping abreast of developments in the field and trending designs coming up from time to time, we are able to offer you a cost effective solution to your web requirements. We take care of every aspect, from concept creation to security issues to integration with social media platforms. The following is a list of reasons why you should choose C&C DISCOVERY to design and develop your website:

Speak to us about your online requirements with no obligation. In return, you will recieve a website proposal containing design and functionality recommendations.

Forming part of our marketing culture is the manner in which we showcase brands by means of artistic and creative website designs. In this way, one would have a website which strengthens the brand's online presence, stand out from the crowd and most importantly be remembered. The website design and development team at C&C DISCOVERY strongly believes in having websites with the primary focus of showcasing your brand or business.

We believe that every organisation is different, thus we offer a personalised service and come up with customised solutions to better accommodate your requirements. The only common solution amongst those which we give to our clients is that the content that you upload on your website is solely yours. That is, no other platform or third party can claim ownership of your site and its content.

According to survey results published by the National Statistics Office (Malta) in 2016, 75.8% of internet users accessed the internet away from home or work using either their phone network or a Wifi connection on their mobile phone. Thus, the team at C&C DISCOVERY makes sure to offer you a variety of responsive website designs to choose from so that your business is previewed in the most exceptional manner when your customers are on their mobile devices.

We strongly recommend that you should include SEO content and stunning visuals to further attract customers and help your website rank better in search engines. We supply our websites with quality copy, photos and videos which are sometimes produced in-house.

After launching your website, it is crucial for your business to monitor the performance of your investment. We can assist you with website analytics and produce the relevant reports which can halp you identify how your customers are using your website and taking action, for example in terms of traffic and hours spent on site.

Ideally you should allow the experts to handle the monitoring and management of your website. Put your mind at rest and count on our website support services for a monthly fee. Generally, we take care of the following: Website Maintenance; Website Monitoring; Website Management; Website Security; Backup & Updates.

We offer our clients the ability to choose a CMS Website or a Content Management System based website. In this manner, website content can be updated by different users, being present in different locations, simultaneously and seamlessly while keeping full control of your website.

Increase your business's competitiveness by adopting e-commerce through online sales in your daily operation. Exploit your potential in order to increase your market share and reach new markets by embracing ICT through online selling. Speak to us today and see how you can save up to 50% on your new e-commerce website.